Canal Lachine

3810 St Patrick. Studio-Unit 1A 1 km. ouest de Atwater, (faces le canal):

Large central space, with heavy duty steel reinforced 9" concrete floors and 14 ft ceilings. Double width (16') loading dock available. Twin covered rear truck docks and 2 ton x 10' elevator to upper floors. No fire risk. Large mushroom columns on 20' centers. Offices S.W. corner is ceramic tiles. Bathroom includes shower, toilet, sink, plus small kitchen sheles and sink in rear. Large tall sliding sash windows facing to the N. east. Full equipment for warehouse, machine or wood shop also possible.

By month or year

Area (superficie) 2,000 - 10,000 ‘ (sq. ft. )
Height (hauteur) 14'
Floor (plancher) ciment, carpet (tapis) et plancher-flottant
Walls (murs) brick et gyprock
Parking (stationnement) Inclus, private, attached
Taxes Inclus
Heating (chaufage) zone electric heating (electrique en secteurs )

Price.......... negotiate.

Pour plus d'information ou pour inspection,
veuiller contacter Dan, John ou Robin

Call: 514-933-1212


Fax: 514-935-2524

Cell: 867-3131 or 952-3

Toll Free: 1-888-459-4025


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