3810 St. Patrick St.,  Montreal
(1 km W. of Atwater, South side of Lachine Canal)
FOR LEASE   -    FOR SALE  (Agents protected)
Typical artisan's workshops,
convenient in partial basement
From 600 to 3000 sq. ft. flat floors. 8 ft. High.
Tel:  (514) 933-1212

(For FULL VIEW - scroll photo to right edge;detailed descriptions below photo)

Interior View  -  Unit B1:

Unit B1: Counter & sink area....

Units #1 to #10 spaces NOW RENTING.

Double doors for large pieces, good access
Direct elevator (8 feet up) access to loading truck level docks
Fireproof, All concrete heavy walls, electronic pass security, parking,
Comfortable, Clean, new wiring, lights, men's/women's bathrooms, flexible leases,
Electric outlets:115/230 Volts(+600 Volt-3 phase power is available in selected units)
All inclusive prices.

With lease, we MAY also include shop machinery and equipment, in the metal
and wood trades, such as work benches, vises, chairs, stools, light welding equipment, saws, grinders, ceramic, glass working, machine tools, small electric industrial evens (enamelling etc.) air compressors.

For more information, to see an agent, or for inspection, please contact
John & Robin

Call: 514-933-1212  E-mail    Fax: 514-935-2524
After hours - Cell: 867-3131 or 952-3132  (E-mail: )