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  •   We are now happy to introduce this popular feature to our own website, as part of our growing global market presence.  Starting today, we will have comprehensive listing of books, operator manuals, literature, blueprints, user handbooks available for sale in a copied printed media format.
  •   This is where mechanics, machinists or hobbyists will find, we hope, documents and resources to help them get more out of their used machines. They may have just acquired a rare unit or simply just need to find part numbers.
  •   Machineco will be updating this page every week as we have thousands of documents to post online. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.
  • We hope your search to be successful!
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    BRAKES (Apron, Finger, Power)
    "Bronx" CNC Press Brake, "Operating Instructions", 3 pages

    "Sterling 1000" Portable Electric Sander, "Operating and Service Manual", (Form 1140), 26 pages

    CHUCKERS (All Types)
    "Warner & Swasey" Model 1AC, Single Spindle Chucking Automatic, "Operating Instructions", 
    (FORM No. 6315-9-63-1, 5M-LH), 64 pages

    DRILLS (All Types)
    "Allen" No.2 and No 2½ Heavy Duty Drilling and Tapping Machines, 
    Type: MA-MADW-MACF-MAT-MAV-MAVDW-MAVC-MAVT, "Operator and Maintenance Manual", 6 pages

    "Canadian" No.15 Drills, "Maintenance Manual and Spare Parts Catalog", (Form C-3558A 3-48 AP), 12 pages

    GRINDERS (All Types)
    "Grand Rapids" Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinders No. 35 & 36 , "Repair Parts Catalog", 42 pages

    "Grand Rapids" Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinders, "Directions For Operating",  68 pages

    "Grand Rapids" Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinders No. 25  thru 65-A, "Operating Instructions",  30 pages

    IRONWORKERS (All Types)
    "Buffalo" Universal Iron Workers, "Repair Parts Book", (Bulletin No. 3449), 23 pages

    "S&B" Model A, Surfacing And Screwcutting Lathe, "Manual" incl. Wiring Diagram., 12 pages

    "B T-H" A.C. Direct-On-Line Contactor Starter, Type DOC 71, For Non-reversing Squirrel-cage Induction Motors, "Instruction Book No.  1730", Edition B, 6 pages

    "Simmons" No.2, Micro-Speed Turret Lathe, "Parts and Maintenance Manual", 30 pages

    "TUE-40" Universal Simplified Engine Lathe, Special Execution For Canada, "Technical Description and Service Instruction", 42 pages + 19 pages of schematics

    LOCKFORMERS (All Types)
    "Lockformer" Auto-Guide Flanging Attachment for Lockformer Models 20 & 22, "Operating Instructions and Parts List", 7 pages

    MILLING MACHINES (Hor./Vert./Univ.)
    "Denbigh" Horizontal Milling Machine, Type M, Variable Speed, "Operating Instructions", 3 pages

    "Denbigh" Horizontal Milling Machine, Type J.P.V.S., Lever Feed, Var. Speed, "Specifications and dimensions", 
    2 pages

    "Eclipse" Permanent Magnet Chuck "Users Handbook", (Publication PM181/71), 36 pages

    SAWS (All Types)
    "Marvel" Band Saw, Series MV460, "Specifications and dimensions", 5 pages

    "Samur" Band Saw, Model S-400, "Service Instructions", 30 Pages

    SHEARS (All Types)
    "Steelweld" Pivoted Blade Shears, "Operation and Maintenance Instructions", (Form# 347-E), 16 pages

    "Cincinnati" Shears, "Operator's Manual", 25 pages + 9 optional pages

    "Original Vitte" "List of Parts" for Combination Shearing Machine for Cutting Sheets and Section-Iron with Punch, Mod. KBL 13, 16 pages

    TAPPERS (All Types)
    "Allen" No.2 and No. 2½ Heavy Duty Drilling and Tapping Machines, 
    Type: MA-MADW-MACF-MAT-MAV-MAVDW-MAVC-MAVT, "Operator and Maintenance Manual", 6 pages

    (Woodworking, Material Handling,  Packaging, etc.)

    FURNACES (All Types)
    "Ajax" Furnace, Model E-10B-56-A, "Operating Manual", 29 pages

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