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Compulsory Conditions of Sale, of Use of, and of Response to - this WebSite, etc.

While in all instances, Machineco (Div. of 3216438 Canada, Inc.) attempts to provide correct information, technical specifications are subject to error or oversight, and may necessarily be approximate.  Machineco makes no warranty as to the condition nor the fitness for any particular purpose of the machinery, equipment or other property displayed or promoted, directly or indirectly in or as same is linked to this WebSite (the "Equipment"), nor for any other equipment for which it acts as agent, counsellor, consultant, reseller or in any other capacity whatsoever that could be linked in any way to Machineco.  Therefore any person entering into a transaction with Machineco, in any capacity whatsoever, (hereinafter referred to as the "Purchaser") shall be entirely responsible to physically inspect the said equipment or other property, movable or real, to his satisfaction before any transaction pertaining thereto shall be concluded. Any or all services that are performed by Machineco that are related to the acquisition of title, possession or use of said property by another person, natural or legal, are never obligatory, but voluntary, regardless of how invoked, and are performed entirely at the expense of, on account of and at the risk of- such person. Such services may also be deemed purchases and are due and payable in advance. All taxes, charges, fees, tariffs, duties, and emoluments of any kind whatsoever that pertain in any way to any purchase or other acquisition  hereunder, regardless of any schedule of payments by instalments over time or for any other reason that any payment or fraction thereof is delayed, whether such delay is with the express written permission of Machineco or not, are the responsibility of said Purchaser etc., and are due and payable in advance. All default(s) in payment or other obligation by a Purchaser of either goods or services from Machineco or from any sister enterprise or related by any Purchaser shall be subject to penalties, interest and costs which same shall include interest charged, on the entire transaction price at the rate of 2% per month, compounding monthly, (26.82% per annum) or the maximum allowable under the law, whichever is the lesser, together with a collection and administration fee, which fee shall not be less than 15% of the Total Price value of the said purchase, the whole amount of which is due and payable upon demand, together with collection charges as per the fee schedule on this page. All prices are subject to change without notice. Any variance in the effective net revenue to Machineco caused by fluctuations in international rates of exchange between different currencies shall be interpreted at the higher of posted net asking prices as of the day of Machineco's acceptance of any offer made by a Purchaser for Equipment as determined by the use of any top-rated real-time foreign exchange rate service (e.g. Machineco shall be bound to respect only such terms, conditions and prices as we accept in your written proposal of offer for all items displayed herein, regardless of the party drafting said offer. Machineco shall warrant only such terms and conditions it accepts under its authorized signature.  This is a  world-wide Web Site; therefore all business transactions pertaining to the said property featured, mentioned, or related to any image or description of same on a WebPage contained therein, whether said transaction is by voice, written or by electronic means with Machineco, Div. of 3216438 Canada, Inc., regardless of how phrased, are and shall be deemed as an Acceptance by Machineco of your Offer to consummate the said transaction. 
Jurisdiction: Any dispute arising from any transaction involving the Equipment or other goods or services of Machineco, or for any other reason pertaining to this Website or goods or services referred to therein, from the past, in the present or future- shall be exclusively and entirely: mediated, arbitrated, resolved and adjudicated in the courts of City and District of Montreal, as per the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada, which, if such  jurisdiction is disapproved in law- shall be subject only to International Law.

All promises, proposals, acknowledgements, acceptances or conclusions of any kind that are made verbally to Machineco in any capacity pertaining to the Equipment will be deemed and have force as though the statement thereof was issued in writing, and the said statement shall equally bind and oblige the Purchaser.

Legal Conditions of Use

All parties who use this site and engage in any way in the stream of commerce with any enterprise which has offices at 5650 Philippe Turcot, Montreal, if in default of a financial obligation, agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of doing business with the said entity, as are published in detail on the Terms & Condtions page.

All unsolicited email (spam) sent to any email address contained in this Website is prohibited. All E-mail messages received at any electronic mail address, that is or has been published on or linked to this public World Wide WebSite and that is not related to a valid inquiry pertaining to content of the WebPages contained herein, are deemed submitted to our Advertising, Proof-Reading and Editing Dept for review and revision or correction and/or advice. For this privilege, the senders, their principals, officers and directors their Web Site Hosting services and their principals and/or related Internet Service Providers, publicity distribution services and all other related media enterprises, whether corporate or individual persons, Machineco holds jointly and severally responsible. Base rate services commence at $100.00 usd, for review of up to three average sized pages, in common font types.
All graphic art, text, content and design features of this web site are Copyright © Machineco (Div. of  3216438 Canada, Inc.)
and cannot be used or reproduced partially or as a whole without permission.

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