72" X 84" X 44' STIRK HEAVY-DUTY           SOLD
(For detailed specifications scroll this screen down)


Manufacturer:                                                             STIRK, (Halifax, England)
Year Installed NEW:                                                   1982
Serial No:                                                                     #2482
Work Table (T-Slotted):                                            72" x 528"
Max. Stroke of Table:                                                44' (528")
Max. Height of Work:                                                72"
Max Width:                                                                  84"
Distance Between Housings, Max.:                            85"
Milling Head Spindle Speeds:                                     10-1000 RPM
Table Planing Speeds:                                                 6-350 FPM
Milling Ram:                                                                16" x 16"
Table Drive Motor:                                                     25 HP
Table Load Capacity                                                   1.43 Tons per foot
Vert. Travel of Planer Head on Rail:                         30"
Hor. Travel of Side Planer Head:                              30"
Cross Feed of Rail Head & Side Head Down Feed: .015" TO .750"
Down Feed of Rail Head & In Feed of Side Head:   .007" TO .375"
Stroke of Milling Head RAM:                                    31-1/2"
Spindle Speeds of Milling Head (Variable):              10 to 1000 RPM
Longitudinal Milling Head Feeds:                              2 to 120 IPM
Vertical Milling Head Feeds:                                      4 to 118 IPM


    *    Left Hand Rail Milling Head w/Right Angle Attachment
    *    Right Hand Rail Planer Head
    *    Right Hand Side Planer Head
    *    Air Tool Lifters on planer heads
    *    Digital Readouts
    *    Parker Compumotor Model RP240 Control
    *    Pendant Controls
    *    Table Drive Motor & Controls
    *    Milling Head and Planer Head on Rail Swivel
    *    Power Tilt of Milling Head
    *    Right Angle Milling Head Attachment
    *    30 HP Milling Head Motor
    *    Complete sets of original engineering drawings, foundation plans, etc.

        This machine does EVERYTHING.  You get a LONG-BED, relatively late model, well-maintained precision machine tool, that can do both planing AND planer-milling,-
all combined in one machine.  It was made by one of Europe's premier planer-mill
and planer builders and we have all the drawings, foundation plans, etc..
If you let this one go, you will have missed out on a real bargain.  To find this long
length combined with both the ability to both plane and mill,- is rare.
Such versatility is never found in new machines.  Call us now.
                        John - Call Toll Free: 1-888-459-4025

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