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12' x 5/8", "Bertsch", initial pinch rolls.SOLD
10' x 1-1/8", "Bertsch", double pinch, 3-roll pinch-pyramid Ref: 9190 SOLD

10' x 1/2", pyramid, 1940's, 8', top & bottom roll diam. 8", power drop end, brush type/wound
motor (Vari-speed), Speed control - streetcar style, Price: $9,500 USD
Ref: 9157 SOLD
10' x 5/8", "Roundo", initial pinch rolls, Price: Call Photo 2 SOLD
8' x 3/16", plate-bending rolls, pyramid, drop open-end.Ref: 9121 SOLD
50" x 10ga, "RK" initial pinch roll, hyd., model BR-1050 (Brand NEW!)

Initial pinch, 50" x 12ga, custom made, geared motor 550V, 1700RPM, 1HP, 4" rolls in great shape,
solid unit on stand, "Leeson" variable speed drive needs some repairs, Price: $4,500 USD
Ref: 9224 SOLD
4' x 1/2", initial pinch rolls, "Brown Boggs" Ref: 9112.SOLD

48" x 16 Ga., plate bending rolls, pinch, "Brown Boggs",
model 3048, Price: $3,500 USD
...Photo 2..Ref: N0973.SOLD
38" x 3/16", plate bending rolls, pinch, "Webb", model 503, S/N: 8026, Price: $7,250.00 USD Ref: 9227
"SAMPSON", Model HPK-80, Hydraulic (Brand NEW!)
"SAMPSON", Model HPK-50, Hydraulic (Brand NEW!)
"SAMPSON", Model PK-35, (Brand NEW!)
"SAMPSON", Model PK-30, (Brand NEW!)
Glue spreader, ±27", "Potdevin", 115V, Price: $1,650 USD Ref: 9220
22 ga. approx., "Brown Boggs", 2 extra rolls, Price: $750 USD Ref: 2119
8" x 10"±, "MASSEY", forging Roll Ref: 1675

Glue spreader, 52", "Black Brothers", 550V, var. speed,
3 rolls, S/N: 88024, Price: $1,850 USD
Ref: 2089 SOLD
More rolls available - please CALL
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