Baler "American Baler" Horizontal, Variable Length

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 Stock No:                             9242


 Make:                                   American Baler
 Model:                                  10368 (Wide mouth, Open end)
 S/N:                                      868103686263
 Year:                                    1968
 Cap:                                      30" x 40" x variable length
 Electrics:                              550V
 Cylinder:                              8" (Heavy duty capacity)


  Last year this "American Baler" was fitted with  $2,000 of new hydraulics hoses and reinforcement
 H-beams to make the unit even more dependable.

 You vary the size of the bale by placing a separator in between each bale to the length you want.
 When the bale reaches the middle or near the end of the machine, you introduce
strapping by hand
  and tie the bale. Then you unload the bale.

 The unit is under power and running.

 Price: FOB Montreal, Canada $16,500 USD

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