18,000 Lb. Forklift, Pneumatic, Propane Hyster H-180E

Stock No:                          2299


    Manufacturer:                 Hyster
    Capacity:                         18,000 lb. Nominal. (18,000 lb rated at 24")
    Model:                              H-180E
    Serial No:                         B7P 2048 (1970)
    Mast:                                Double;  power side-shift 4' forks
    Cage:                               Full ROP Cab-Heatable
    Fuel:                                 Propane
    Engine:                            Chevrolet 305 V-6 engine
    Fuel system:                    Impco Model
    Transmisison:                  Manual 5 speed forward + For-Rev separate.
    Tires:                               Dual pneumatic on front, 10:00 x 20"
    Brakes:                            16" Diam. Drums, w/6" W. shoes
    Fork length:                     R- top surface 48", L-52"
    Weight:                            23,950 lb.
    Dimensions:                     95" Width x 10'10" High, to top of mast, forks down


This forklift truck is highly regarded as one of the best of the best. This series of Hysters
are perhaps rightly regarded as the best quality heavy-duty
fork lift truck in its range ever
built.  This model is absolutely one of the cream of the crop.

We have just put on a new exhaust system, and rebuilt the brakes with original parts. The
engine has less than 15 psi compression difference reading in all 6 cylinders.  It features
everything you might want in a low maintenance used truck.  With a manual 5-speed
transmission with separate Forward-Reverse and with a wet clutch, this ruggedly
constructed truck also features an extra-heavy duty transmission and differential,
a simple rear-axle steering system, and it uses the Hyster former standard Chevrolet
V-6 305 inch industrial quality engine.  With excellent parts availability, we feel you
can't rightly object to paying less than 15 % of the new price for this good operating lift.

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