"Sahinler"Model SM-50 Air Hammer 110 Lbs.
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Please note: actual photos of the hammeravailable upon request

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Make:                                     Sahinler
Model:                                     SM-50
Nominal dropping weight:     110 lbs. (approx.) / 50 kg. (approx.)
Working outfit:                      Air pressure pneumatic
Number of hits:                      220 R.P.M.
Motor:                                    7.5 HP @ 1400 R.P.M.
Electrics:                                575 Volts
Hit course:                              Max. 230 mm.
Oil system:                             Pneumatic oiling system
Control:                                  By foot
Hammer and anvil:                Heads of hammer and anvil are interchangeable
Net weight:                            2535 Lbs. / 1150 kg.

       Condition: this hammer was only used for 1 day.

Price (FOB our warehouse, we shiplowest cost): . . $12,500 CAD
                                                                                 or $ 10,750 USD

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