"Striker" Forging Hammer
Models STC-55  STC-88  STC-165
(STC-143 (143lbs.) STC-165B (165lbs.) STC-330 (330lbs.) and up to 2,205 lbs. are also available)

STC-55 model

STC-55 model with
raised base
(Raised base drawings included free with every purchased hammer)

STC-88 Model

STC-165 Model

STC-55 Floor Plan Layout
STC-55 Schematics
STC-88 Floor Plan Layout

Item Striker STC-55 Striker STC-88 Striker STC-165
Falling Weight 55 lbs. 88 lbs. 165 lbs.
Striking Weight 192 ft. lbs. 391 ft. lbs. 738 ft. lbs.
Blows per Minute 250 245 210
Max. Workpiece Round 1.75" dia. 2.75" dia. 3.5" dia.
Max. Workpiece Square 1.5" sq. 2.25" sq. 3" sq.
Gross Weight 1,655 lbs. 2,805 lbs. 6,100 lbs.
Price (Taxes & shipping - extra) $4,845 USD $6,845 USD $10,795 USD

Special Features:

        All other competing hammers within these ranges are only available with bodies
        made from a welded steel box.

        The Striker STC-165 (165 lbs.) one-piece and the Striker STC-165B (165 lbs.)
        two-piece are also made with a cast iron body.

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