"Bridgeport"  9" x 60" Milling Machine,
Copy tracer "Tru Trace"
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Stock No:                 C1638


Manufacturer:                      Bridgeport Milling Machine Co.
Main spindle:                        R8, Taper
Serial No.:                             J-81663
Main motor:                          1-1/2 HP @ 3600 RPM, ("Uniclosed")
Main milling table:                9" X 60"

Tracer system:

Manufacturer:                        Tru-Trace, El Monte, California
Feed rate, vert.:                      5-50 IPM
Feed rate, hor.:                       1.8-18 IPM on table cross or longitudinal feeds.

Tru-Trace control box:           Model 1081-09, lot #6, (with gauges)

Hydraulic power unit:             Model 5022-04, lot #5, serial #3143
Hydraulic pump motor:           5 hp on 550/3/60
Output P1:                               8 GMP
Output P2:                               5 GMP

Maximum pressure:                550 PSI
Max. reservoir cap.:               45 gallons

Oil cooler:                                Model #402802, lot #2, serial #3213
Fan:                                           1/20 hp, 115 volts, 1 ph.

Tracing control kit:                  Model B-360-3D
Kit model:                                 #2069-01

Main table lift hyd. cylinder:    Model #6050-04, lot #11, serial #5999


Tracer is capable of 360 degree 3D rotary tracing utilizing a bridgeport
Polar Trace system. This includes the two 12" coupled rotary tables, as per photograph.

Machine is in very good condition, cleaned, painted and all components are included.

Price, FOB, our warehouse, loaded on truck.........$ 4500 USD
                                                                              or $ 7200 CAD

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