Bus "Ford" 350, 12 Passenger + 4 Wheelchair places
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Year:                        1989
Brand:                      FORD
Model:                     350
Kilometres:             137,761 Km.
Chassis:                   Econoline
Places:                     12 passenger + 4 Wheelchairs (or extra storage space)
Engine:                    Ford V-8 gas engine, recently fully tuned up

        * Automatic transmission, power brakes and steering
        * Dual rear wheels
        * Wheelchair access with hydraulic lift on right rear
        * Hydraulic lift is compact and removeable
        * Trailer hitch (ball), extra rear mirrors
        * Two right side passenger doors (rear for wheelchairs)
        * Rear door, (cargo or passengers)
        * Front passenger door operates from driver's seat
        * Welles Corp. body

         Prices (for rental):  $ 79/ day, 15 ¢ / km. + insurance

Price, ex-location, our warehouse, Montreal, Canada, Quebec .  .  .  $7,900.00 CDN

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