1990 FORD Taurus LX, Station Wagon   SOLD
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Year:                        1990
Brand:                      FORD
Model:                     Taurus LX
Engine:                    6 cylinder, 3.8 Liter, V-6
(Injectors)               Ford type C;   FOSE - A1A
                                 Bosch 0280150907
Transmission:         ASSY FOD(R or P?)-BA
when purchased:    253,258 km.
Tires:                      195R65-14
                                (We have the optional larger alloy rims, w/ 205/R65-15 Tires.)

Paint:                      Beige
Weight:                   3000± lbs.


As of Dec. 18/96 FORD Canada says this car had work done under factory
warranty on recalls as follows:

Brake Rotors:              completed March 1993 (Rose City Ford - Windsor)
Emission Evaporator:  completed March 1993 (Rose City Ford - Windsor)
Struts:                           completed March 1993 (Rose City Ford - Windsor)
Seat Belts:                    completed March 1993 (Rose City Ford - Windsor)
Engine- Body Mounts: completed November 1994 (Motion Lincoln-Mercury,
                                           London, Ont. 519-652-6100)

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