Nazel Model 3B Power Hammer    SOLD
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Manufacturer:                                              (Nazel) by John Inglis & Company, Toronto
Model No:                                                     3B (Later model)
Size:                                                              3
Type:                                                             B
Hammer Weight (total):                              300 lbs
Hammer Face to Base:                                31" (the anvil can be installed at any height)
Throat Depth:                                              13"
Stroke:                                                          18"± (est)
Ram Diameter:                                             9"
Motor:                                                           10 HP @ 1150 RPM
Electrics:                                                       550V/3Ph/60Hz
Weight:                                                         5 Tons ±
Dimensions:                                                  31" L-R x 106" H

This later model self-contained air hammer is ready to ship.  Apparently
it was running well, when removed from a plant here several years ago.

NOTE:  It is the low-profile newer model.  The electric motor,-  gear drives the flywheel directly from the rear of the machine.   ALL PARTS are AVAILABLE.

Please Note:
       This machine was in good operating order when we bought it.  But was in cold storage for awhile. The seals may have become pourous; erything sounds good when under power but the hammer slide doesn't lift when the pedal is down.  (Valve mis-alignment or seals)  We will guarantee this condition, or money back.

Location:                                     Montreal, Canada, Quebec
Price: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,500 USD - FOB our warehouse, As Is

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